Why on Earth do I Play Airsoft?

Why do I Play Airsoft?

Airsoft, which is an amazing recreational sport, is played by an assortment of people for a few diverse factors. Airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms, but they fire small plastic pellets called BBs instead of actually ammunition.

In the 1970s, airsoft was created in Japan to be a recreational sport, but now a days it has some other uses. The first guns designed were spring powered and shot several sizes of rubber, aluminum or plastic BBs, but eventually it became a standard to use 6mm and 8mm plastic BBs. The spring guns eventually evolved into electric guns. As a result of this all the new manufacturers of firearms in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, the airsoft guns began to be exported to the USA.

Main Reason – Meeting New People!

There are various reasons why people play airsoft. Some of the people that play airsoft are former and current military personnel and police officers. There are those that are very young and those that are adults. Also, people commonly play because they have a legitimate interest in military history, and some because they are engulfed in police tactics. But, the reason why all airsofters play is because it is extremely fun and as realistic simulation of a firefight as you can get (apart from military training or arguably paintball…but that’s another story).

I love me some guns!

Big thanks to Airsoft Gun Guy for this one. Their site really helped me figure out what I should be getting for my skill level and playstyle, and has good info on the different types. You can read their other blog here as well for more information. But I digress. There are a plethora of guns out there; they vary by type, what powers them, and by looks. Gas, spring, or electricity are what airsoft guns are powered by. Electricity is the most popular. Electric guns are usually referred to as AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns), and are battery operated. The most popular airsoft AEG is the M4, but other popular types of AEGs include the MP5, AK-47, M14, G36, and scar. There also are quite a few airsoft pistols and airsoft sniper rifles available in stores.

Airsoft guns can be as expensive as a thousand dollars if you are looking at a custom gun or a Systema, or they can be as cheap as a few dollars. There are a ton of airsoft guns available. You can chose by type, by what powers them, and by looks.

So whether you are an avid video gamer looking for realistic milsim experience, a military veteran looking to keep your combat skills fresh, or a survivalist who wants to be prepared for anything, airsoft is an ideal way to learn how to handle yourself in a firefight and have a ton of fun at the same time.