How I Come Up With Gift Ideas

Tips for Finding Great Gifts!

Here’s a post I wrote waaay back during Christmas time. I never published it but just found it and think that it could really out some of you! It’s all about how I go about finding gifts and coming up with gift ideas.

It’s that time of year again, the one where we all turn our thoughts to what we can buy our loved ones, friends and family for Christmas. The shops are full of enticing goodies, and we save up our hard-earned money, so we can find something nice for everyone. The problem is, hasn’t it all been done before? Let’s face it: most presents, while perfectly acceptable, are highly unoriginal; we could even bring back the old cliché of getting a pair of socks of Grandma every year! So, what can you do to make your Christmas gifts interesting, memorable and – most important of all – welcome and appreciated? We’ve got some ideas to help you!

For a quick TLDR, I usually get gift ideas at EpicGifts, which is a great resource and the one I recommend!

1: Make it an Event – our first tip is that if you are struggling to buy a gift for ‘the person who has everything’, why not get them something that is not a wrapped-up present, but an experience? Think tickets to a show or exhibition, or even a tourism sightseeing rise that they would not think of buying themselves. For couples, what about a booking at a romantic restaurant, all on you? It’s a great idea, and one that will definitely be appreciated. This idea can also be used for kids, too.

2: Organise a Surprise – this is an idea that we think is a great one; why not organise a get-together of old friends, in a way that only you know who is coming? It’s a great way to bring a whole load of people together who would normally struggle to find the time, and a fabulous time to celebrate the festive season! Here are some surprise party ideas to get you started!

3: Think Outside the Box – if you do want to go down the traditional gift route, then why not try something a little different? If you think you know what your friends want, think again; have a look at their social media profiles, ask their friends, and get an idea of something they would appreciate that perhaps they don’t think you know about. It’s a nice touch, and makes for a very personal gift idea.

4: Think Needs, not Wants – perhaps you have a friend who is starting a new job in the new year, or moving home, or maybe getting married or engaged. Each of these events – and many more – brings certain things they will need to help them get by, and some of them they may not have thought of! A new briefcase, perhaps, or something for the house; make a list of the things you would need in that situation, and then take your inspiration from there. This tip is the one that helps me the most when I’m trying to find a present for my boyfriend.

5: Let Them Choose – this may sound obvious, but how often do you actually do it? Take your friends or family shopping, and let them choose what they want from you! You can always add a little more to the gift as a surprise element, but if you really want to make them happy, they know best what they want!

6: Make it Fun – our final suggestion is an obvious one again, but once more it is rarely carried out: don’t forget that Christmas is a time of enjoyment and celebration, so if you really do have friends who are difficult to buy for, don’t try and be serious. Buy them little gifts that are fun and frivolous, and keep things inexpensive, simple and yet enjoyable at the same time.

Christmas is a time when everyone is out to enjoy themselves, so don’t let that gift list worry you; have fun choosing and buying gifts for all that will be truly enjoyed.